What Our Patients are Saying!

"For over 6 months, I suffered with severe migraine-like headaches. Daily activity was becoming difficult due to needing to lay down with cold compresses, heating pads or fatigue from lack of sleep. I consulted an MD, a chiropractor, and finally a neurologist. I tried chiropractic adjustments, Tylenol, aspirin, mobic, muscle relaxers and received very little improvement. I had cat scans and MRIs done, which showed no possible tumors or clots. Finally, my neurologist suggested possible TMJ. I was referred to Dr. John Peden. He did in fact diagnose TMJ and fitted me with an appliance. After only 1 week, my headaches stopped completely. It was like a MIRACLE to me!!! Thank you so much, Dr. Peden!!” – Eve Madsen

"After enduring several years of various dental traumas, my dentist helped me decide to seek orthodontic treatment. Incidentally, I was 55 years of age at the time. I was dealing with crooked teeth, two missing teeth, a terrible bite, and TMJ. That's when I had the good fortune to meet Dr. Peden, his wonderful staff and Damon braces. All along the journey, I have been shown kindness and consideration. I just got my braces off two days ago, and I am very happy with the results! If you are looking for an excellent orthodontist at the top of his game, who is also gentle and compassionate, I would definitely recommend Dr. Peden.” – Linda G.

“Every morning and evening when brushing my teeth and seeing my beautiful smile, I say a silent, ‘THANK YOU!’ to Dr. Peden and his staff.” – Jennifer Williams

"In the three years I have been working with Dr. Peden and his team, they have been very responsive to my concerns and needs, regardless if it was a loose wire or misplaced bristle from my toothbrush. Treatment has been kind and attentive. I was never made to feel that I was silly or my concerns were unfounded. They always have a smile and supportive comments, making it warm and inviting to come to the office, even if left me in more pain than when I got there. :-) They're knowledge base is extensive. When I asked a question, they gave me assurance that my concerns were answered to the utmost of their ability, and I was satisfied with their response. There is, nor will there be, no hesitation in my response in telling people about the services that their team provides. I feel that they are top notch in their care and duties to ensure the best smiles are created at the end of treatment." – Mark G.

"I was diagnosed with sleep apnea during my retirement physical after 25 years of Naval Service. My sleep apnea became progressively worse over a three-year period, and after several sleep studies, it was determined to be severe enough to require a CPAP machine. I tried using the CPAP for a couple of years, but found it to be claustrophobic and cumbersome, thereby preventing a decent night’s sleep. I was referred by my dentist to Dr. Peden due to the exceptional results he has achieved with sleep apnea oral devices. I was fitted with my devise approximately three years ago. The result was truly extraordinary! I sleep with it every night in comfort. I would like to thank Dr. Peden and his staff for their outstanding professionalism and superb patient care." – Karl Y.